Healthy and safe

Instantly deploy health and safety procedures and standards to all sites. Keep your employees and customers safe and your equipment working.

Empower stores - ForcePod

Empower sites

Put everything your team needs to implement your health and safety procedures in one place accessible on any device.
Reduce risks - ForcePod

Reduce risk

Create as many inspection checklists as you need to identify problems before they escalate to liabilities.
Gain visibility - ForcePod

Gain visibility

Instantly generate and share reports to track health and safety compliance across your organization.

Execute health and safety standards

Reinforce best practices and keep sites accountable.

  1. Food safety

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    Instantly deploy storage, rotation, and preparation standards across your organization.

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    Use sensors to monitor automatically monitor temperature and humidity. Receive automate alerts when issue arise.

  2. Warehouse safety

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    Use mobile inspection checklists to verify equipment is maintained and operated properly.

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    Reinforce injury prevention procedures. Assign tasks to resolve issues.

  1. Site safety

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    Confirm sanitation standards and essential equipment is maintained and operative.

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    Support best practices for handling private information and medication storage.

  2. Hazard protocols

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    Ensure employees know and follow directives for handling cleaning chemicals and other hazardous products.

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    Assign deficiencies and track resolution from anywhere.

The features you need

Standardize procedures for food preparation, first aid, washrooms, fire safety, and facility management. Create a record of prevention.

Customize checklists

Create as many checklists as you need in minutes to rollout and verify your programs. Include best practice photos and supporting documents to reinforce health and safety procedures.

Deploy training

Use the content manager to deploy health and safety training and policy updates across the organization. Read receipts verify engagement. Produce tasks for topics that require additional action.

Automate corrective actions

Effectively manage incidents by assigning responsibility at the site level. Automate notifications and reminders. Track resolution in real-time from anywhere.

Be proactive with sensors

Site sensors monitor around the clock. View real-time data from any device, anywhere. Notifications and alerts sent to the appropriate team members.

Customers are saying

The Joint Chiropractic Logo
“The software has allowed us to strengthen our operational foundation and improved the consistency of measurement across the system. The reporting elements provide us with data points that will shape future project work.”
Director, Operations
The Joint Chiropractic

“91% of ForcePod customers report a reduction in business risks.”
Risk Support Services
“[With ForcePod] audits are faster, and forms can be easily adjusted to our client's needs. We can now provide clients with a quicker turn around and a greater depth for information gathered. This is essential for our business.”
Director of Risk Management
Risk Support Services

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